Anonymous: your blog is so classy

Oh, thanks very much!

— Violet

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Anonymous: srsly your graphics are SOSO fantastic, probably my favourite on tumblr. Do you have any advice/resources for beginner graphic makers? thanks so much!

(Oh dear this took me forever to reply to - dreadfully sorry!)

First of all, thanks so much - you’ve no idea what it means to me, I’m so flattered!

Second of all - I would advise you to check out my photoshop questions tag because there is a lot of info there (Can’t say all of it is useful though).

Particularly this and this

But for you I’ll add a few more pointers -

- Remember to always look over your text for typos (Save yourself the humiliation. I speak from experience.)

- A graphic will always look better with too little than too much. 

- Try to split up your graphic into two sections - what will be the visual interest? (What imagery are you going to use to catch people’s eye) — and   — what will be the contextual interest? (How best will it relate to your subject matter and convey your perspective on it?)

- Try lots of different fonts - but know your good solid basics.

- Look at your graphic and imagine it being made into a picture the size of your wall - would it look good? If not, it still needs work.

Or you could completely ignore my advice because there really are no rules and the point is to just have fun (Yes I am that lame)

Good luck!

— Violet

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