Anonymous: i absolutely adore your graphics and i just wondered which font you used for your tom riddle graphic? uwu

Well the font used in the first one is COUTURE and for the second one I just used my own handwriting. Hope that helps you out!

— Violet

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Anonymous: Thank you so much, I've also seen people with very similar graphics as yours and I thought that you made them when I first saw them only to find out the the source was from a different blog, so If I ever find inspiration from a certain artwork I will definitely put a link, I find it rude that people literally copy pretty much the exact same thing and then put "inspired by" when they should put "ripped off by" because they didn't change anything just copied, thanks for clarifying for me!

Oh it’s no problem! And I think the fact that you were considerate enough to ask for clarification, shows that you are thinking the right way about it.

I’m flattered you would think to ask me about it.

— Violet

(That “ripped off by” comment is so on point)

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